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New Goodwill shop in Ranch Bernardo!

9/11/2012 By news

Goodwill has added an incentive to the community to donate and shop at the new
store after the ribbon cutting by offering a 20%* discount off all purchases made that
evening between the hours of 4:00pm and 8:00pm. * This one time discount cannot be
combined with other discounts or offers or applied to previous purchases.

The local not-for-profit, founded in San Diego in 1930, conducted a soft opening on
May 31, 2012 to great success. Goodwill is very proud to join the community and has
proven to be a good neighbor. Launching this new store and donation center, open 7
days a week, created 25 new jobs in Rancho Bernardo, and Goodwill anticipates that
they will assist hundreds of other job seekers to find a job in the area over the next year
through the Community Employment Office on site.

CEO Mike Rowan stated “We know the community supports us, and our presence
will bring even more visitors into the center, helping all of the businesses to thrive.”
“Opening day, and in the days since have brought a steady stream of donors and
shoppers, far exceeding Goodwill’s expectations. We are so very pleased to be a part of
this community!” added Beth Forsberg, Vice President of Operations.

In addition to the store and donation center, Goodwill is testing out a new concept
with a “Community Employment Office” located within the store. This center is open
Tuesday-Saturday from 9:00-4:00 and offers free computer/telephone/and other job
search assistance to anyone in the community looking for a job- whether at Goodwill-
or elsewhere in the county- free of charge. Goodwill is also a great resource for local
employers- helping find the right person for the jobs that need to be done, free of
charge. Drop in or call the office for an appointment (858) 798-9102.

Goodwill Industries of San Diego County is an autonomous, local 501- c- 3 not-for-profit
organization founded in the City of San Diego in 1930. The San Diego Goodwill is part
of an international network of independent charities sharing a common vision.

Goodwill’s mission is ‘To get people with disabilities and other barriers to employment
jobs by developing their skills and work habits through training and real work.’ Our
purpose is ‘Getting People Jobs’. We offer job related programs that serve people with
varying levels of ability, giving everyone the skills, the time and the confidence to get to
work. San Diego’s Goodwill chooses NOT to conduct traditional fundraising activities;

we use the revenue we gain from selling donated items; fee-for-service, reuse,
recycling and salvage activities to fund the operation of paid job training programs
and employment services. The things you no longer need become the product we use
to give real work experience to your neighbors. The local Goodwill has nearly 1,000
employees in San Diego County, and is headquartered in Pt. Loma.

What do women want for Valentines?

1/20/2012 By news

From a women to MEN. What do we want for Valentines? It is very simple, most women, and I say most, because there is always the exception, want something cute ad romantic. Most important they want to fell special. Buy flowers and jewelry. What count is that you remember and make the effort. Write a letter, telling her what you like most about her and mention the good moments that you two had together. It is also important to do something for dinner, take her to her favorite restaurant or make her favorite dish at home. Please men don’t expect much from them =), these date is meant for men to show and give to women. And yes if you want to be successful, do all of the above, flowers, jewelry and dinner.

Our Greater San Diego Vision

9/1/2011 By news


San Diegans are connected to each other through shared passion and pride for this beautiful region that we call home. We are also connected through a system of roads and highways, schools, water and energy resources, local jobs, parks, beaches, cultural attractions and communities that together form the quilt of our community.

While we share an enviable quality of life, we also share the responsibility and opportunity to preserve it for future generations.

Today, San Diegans have a unique opportunity to make our voices heard. With all of our input and action, we will collectively create a 50- to 100-year strategic vision and subsequent action plan that encompasses our shared values, priorities and voices.

Together, we can create lasting solutions for:



Where will our kids and grandkids work in San Diego?



Where will our kids and grandkids have fun, celebrate culture and enjoy our communities in San Diego?



Will our kids and grandkids have access to transportation, water and housing in San Diego?



How will our kids and grandkids learn in San Diego?

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